Who Am I

Who Am I  

Hi there! I’m Lori Imdad. I’m a technical writer and content creator working for technology providers such as managed services providers (MSP) and managed security providers (MSSP) primarily for topics under cybersecurity, cloud computing, and information technology.

I began freelancing as a content writer and blogger in 2019, although I have been blogging personally for years. I write content articles and blog posts that end up on business websites.

While it took me a while to discover who I am in the writing realm, I am confident I can help you. 

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About Me

Writing and Blogging 

I have always loved and had an affinity for writing. I started my first blog in 1997 on a site called Live Journal!

It feels like a lifetime ago now, and believe me, it was before Blogging became popular.

Blogging led me to freelance writing, and my background in information technology set my path toward becoming a tech content writer focused on cybersecurity.

Of course, beyond cybersecurity, I have written on many diverse topics while working toward where I am today and occasionally still work with clients needing other content. 

Imdad Communications, Lori Imdad, Security, Technology, Cybersecurity Content Creator, She Writes Cyber

My Vision

Cybersecurity and technology content serves to explain. What the product or service is, how it works, where customers can learn more – all those writing W’s. 

It also serves to tell my clients’ stories—the Why.
Why did they start their business?
Why is it important?
Why do they develop their products and services? 

We may not begin here, but we will get there by working through the process….together. 

I believe content writing is a process

I research and outline

I write, edit, and proofread

Imdad Communications, Lori Imdad, Security, Technology, Cybersecurity Content Creator, She Writes Cyber
Imdad Communications, Lori Imdad, Security, Technology, Cybersecurity Content Creator, She Writes Cyber
Imdad Communications, Lori Imdad, Security, Technology, Cybersecurity Content Creator, She Writes Cyber

People ask me all the time, ‘What keeps you up at night?’ And I say, ‘Spicy Mexican food, weapons of mass destruction, and cyber attacks.’  ~ Dutch Ruppersberger

It’s unusual for me to blow a gasket, but it happens when…

… some people are not good humans. I believe that everyone has the same rights and
should have access to the same opportunities.

Black, Gay, Asian, Transgender, Brown, Lesbian, Rich, Non-Binary, Poor, and similar
are labels.

We’re in this together, and it’s going to be an outrageous ride so enjoy it.

I will give my all to your content

Just like you would, but better. Why? Because I’m a tech content writer skilled in conversion

I’m the one you look for to engage visitors & turn them into clients to make more money.

You will sleep better knowing one thing: I will protect your reputation. Always.

I am your partner, and I’m here to grow your audience and make your business stronger!

Bits about me

I love music and used to sing in Bengali for local events when I lived in New York.

I love animals and have owned cats and dogs. My current fur-baby is a Lhasa named

I met my husband when I lived in Los Angeles. Then he moved to New York and I

I have two children and three Grandchildren.

My husband’s maternal grandfather was friendly with Mahatma Gandhi and
corresponded with him. A letter to him from Gandhi has been authenticated and is
now in a museum in India.

My Grandfather was a Chemical Engineer and my best friend. He left me when I was only 5, but I still miss his presence.

I was born and raised in Connecticut.

More about me

I have traveled to many places, but Thailand is my favorite place to go.

I have lived in Bangladesh with my family since 2005.

I have traveled all over Bangladesh, and one of my favorite places is called Sylhet.

My husband’s family originates from Noakhali, which is known as the royal district.

In 2019, just before the pandemic hit, I traveled to Northern India and Kolkata, visiting O.P. Jindal University and shopping with friends. It was a fun trip.

A bit more

I love reading jokes; laughter is the best medicine, as they say.

I love meeting and talking to people from all over the world. I belong to a group of
women married to spouses from Bangladesh who are all from different countries. It
gets interesting.

I make spaghetti sauce from scratch and love stuffed peppers. Yum!

I’m a coffee drinker and love caramel lattes. I also love sweets of all kinds, but
chocolate and caramel are my favorites.

I love all kinds of ice cream, but butterscotch is my favorite.

Bring me a bottle of white wine (or red), and we can chat.

I love the smell of autumn’s dried leaves,  the first winter snow anywhere, and the smell of rain makes me feel refreshed.