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I'm Lori Imdad

Since beginning my journey as a technical writer nearly 5 years ago, I've worked remotely for MSPs, Content Agencies, and Security Companies, collaborating with extremely talented and knowledgeable industry professionals to create articles that include thought pieces, tech trends, and educational articles for industry professionals.


My Skills

Why Hire me?

Cybersecurity threats and the technology around them continues to change. With the threats becoming more sophisticated with each campaign or attack, defense mechanisms must roll with the punches. Whether it's implementing a zero trust network technique, explaining PAM and Identity Solutions, SIEM, EDR, or next generation resources, I've written about it. 

While most content writers can write adequately on any topic by doing research, I started as an I.T. Professional. Which gives me a unique perspective on most tech topics. 

Affiliations and Certifications

Women Tech Council
Women's Cyberjutsu Society
Cybersecurity Marketing Society